ClickUp – Best Tutorials and Help Guides 

Last year, following extensive research and evaluation, I selected ClickUp as the project management tool that my digital agency would use.  

ClickUp is an extremely powerful tool, but also requires careful configuration and customisation to get the most out of it.  

This post covers the top free video tutorials and help guides that I followed to successfully get ClickUp configured, customised and working well for my agency. 

ClickUp Video Tutorials 

The below are my top recommended YouTube channels for ClickUp tutorials – to help customise and get the most out of the tool:

1) ClickUp Channel 

ClickUp’s own channel – Includes tutorials on specific functionality, recordings of webinars and shorter tips videos. I found the webinars particularly useful, including some about using ClickUp for certain types of companies such as agencies. These allow you to see best practices and how others are using ClickUp. 

2) Layla Pomper Channel

This is the channel from Layla At ProcessDriven – It’s got a very large number of videos, with tips on how to setup and use ClickUp. Layla is good at explaining complex topics and making them easy to understand. It’s also got some other useful videos about general business topics such as productivity, standard operating procedures (SOPs) etc. 

3) Ask Yvi Channel

The Ask Yvi channel has a good number of videos, particularly around productivity and explaining features of ClickUp that can save you time.

4) Anne Leah Channel

This channel from Anne Leah is good. It includes some great tips for using ClickUp beyond what you may normally do – including how to set it up a simple CRM using ClickUp.

ClickUp Guides 

There are also some good written ClickUp guides and documentation on websites. The most useful ones I found were:

1) ClickUp Website

ClickUp themselves have a good amount of quality documentation and guides on their website. This includes: 

2) Zenpilot Website

I found a useful guide for best practices on how to setup ClickUp for agencies. It includes tips on how to rollout ClickUp and get your team involved etc. 

3) Process Driven is a blog by the same Layla Pomper who created the YouTube channel mentioned above. The blog has some great ClickUp articles ranging from the basics through to advanced features.

Considering ClickUp? 

If you’re interested in switching to ClickUp, do check out my comparison of ClickUp vs Teamwork.  


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